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 Beijing Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. under the China National Coal Group Co., Ltd., is the design, manufacture mechanized mining hydraulic support one of the largest professional manufacturers, the company was founded in 1958, more than 3,500 employees with total assets exceeding 3.0 billion. China Machinery 500 companies, high-tech enterprises in Beijing.
  Since 1972 the company developed the first hydraulic support China since China opened up a new era of fully mechanized coal mining mechanization. Hydraulic capacity of the stent design, process assurance, manufacturing level has always been among the first, first passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, to achieve the production scale, technology, modern equipment, professional workforce, information management tools, after-sales service network oriented, with strong science and technology resources as the basis, always occupy the high ground of domestic and foreign markets, China's first hydraulic bracket was born here.
  Company has design, manufacturing hydraulic support bracing height from the lowest to the highest 7.5 m 0.55 m, working resistance from 1800KN to 18000KN, center distance from 1.25 to 2.05 meters and other types of more than 680 kinds of different aircraft types, more than 80,000 aircraft, the product all over the country More than 100 coal producers, have been exported to the United States, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries, is the largest manufacturer of hydraulic support exports.

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